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Come and discover the magic of the Monde Sauvage Safari Park in Aywaille, just 25 km from Li├Ęge. See the parrot, sea lion and bird of prey shows.

Take a train or your own vehicle across the African safari area and observe many species that live in half freedom, like elephants, hippos, rhinos, dromedary camels, buffalo, and the giraffes, who were joined by PILI, the baby giraffe that was born in the park in May 2011. And there are even more animals to discover.

The exotic aviaries and vivariums are home to a range of water bird species in their bright colors, but also marmosets, tamarins, turtles, snakes, tarantulas … You can also take a walk in the North American forest, where a pack of white wolves lives, as well as Canadian elk, bisons, raccoons, and prairie dogs. The monkey island, which features a reconstitution of each species’ natural environment, is home to lemurs, gibbons, chimpanzees, and orangutans. Finally, you can see the big predators up close, like the cheetah, lion, tiger, puma, lynx, etc. And then there are the brown bears, the Tibetan bears, and the beautiful white bears!

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Monde Sauvage

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