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You’ll get 50% discount on the regular entrance prices for the entrance to Harderwijk Dolphinarium. The promotion is personal. The discount is not valid in combination with other offers and not redeemable for cash. This agreement is governed by Dutch law. You need to make a reservation in advance, send an e-mail to [email protected]

Playing makes you happy!

Where can you find the best playmates you could wish for? With whom you always have the most exciting adventures? Who make you laugh, and make sure you won’t be bored for a second? Exactly. In Harderwijk. At the largest marine mammal park in Europe: the Dolphinarium!

Nowhere else can you have such a good time and have so much fun together. The whole animal gang will come along for the ride, as the dolphins take you on a world trip during a spectacular representation, roaring sea lions splash you silly, colossal walruses come to see you standing with your nose against the glass and stingrays even let you tickle them!

A whole day of play, discovery, marvel and fun together, what more could you want?

That is what will make you really happy.

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Harderwijk Dolphinarium

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