Programme terms & conditions

‘In the water with dolphins’ programme

• Only persons 8 and older can participate.
• Persons age 13 and up (from the day you turn 13) can participate without supervision.
• Children 12 and under may only participate under the supervision of a participating and paying adult (max. 2 children per paying, participating adult). Children older than 13 must be able to present a valid identity card on request, so that we can verify their age.
• Participants who are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one parent, guardian or legally appointed representative at the time of reservation, who gives his/her approval.
• Participants must be able to swim.
• The participant must not have any physical handicaps and/or limitations that affect walking, sitting (on the knees) or standing independently.
• The participant must not have a mental handicap and/or autistic impairment which affects their ability to follow instructions given by Boudewijn Seapark employees.
• The participant must be in good physical condition and may not be pregnant or suffering from a cardiovascular disease.
• A participant who suffers from specific allergies caused by saltwater or who suffers from epilepsy cannot claim any medical or other costs caused by participating in the ‘In het water met dolfijnen’ session.
• The participant must understand and speak Dutch and/or French.
• Taking pictures and/or filming by the participant themselves (and by any family members or friends present) is not allowed during the entire programme.
• Damage or stains to the participant’s clothing can never be recouped from Boudewijn Seapark.
• The participant’s shoe size must be between 34 and 47 and their clothing size must be smaller than or equal to a women’s size 48 and smaller than or equal to a men’s size 56.
• The platform height will be set to the smallest participant.

If the participant does not meet the conditions listed above, Boudewijn Seapark will refuse participation in the programme on the day itself, without refunding any money already paid. We ask all participants to be aware that the most important employees in this programme are our dolphins. The care of our dolphins is always our caretakers’ highest priority. Therefore it may sometimes happen that we have to cancel the programme due to unforeseen circumstances. We ask for your understanding if this happens to be the case. Arrangements will be made for a new date at no extra charge, in consultation with each individual participant.


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