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Unique dolphin presentation “EchoMaris”

Enjoy the unique dolphin presentation “EchoMaris” and get to know one of the most special species of our oceans, the bottlenose dolphin. Let yourself be surprised by their power, elegance and extraordinary talents in this captivating live experience. Thanks to wonderful images of nature on a gigantic video screen of 320 m², you will get to know their underwater world and the other animals that live there. But this performance also makes you aware of the threats they face, the plastic soup in our oceans and what mankind can do about it… Listen to the echo of the sea, EchoMaris!

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Sea lion presentation

Join our caretakers and the animals on an educational adventure in the sea lion territory. Learn from and enjoy these special animals, the Californian sea lions. Come and see how high they can jump, how elegantly they glide through the water and how dynamic they are, not only in the water but also on land. If you have any questions after the tour, please ask one of our caretakers. We want this show to bring the animals closer to our audience and to show them how unique they are, all with plenty of love and respect.
The sea lion theatre is an open-air theatre located next to the AquaSplash.
Only accessible during summer season.

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Seal presentation

In the middle of the green park you will find the gorgeous seal lagoon. Be sure to visit our common seals there! You might get the chance to put on a veterinarian’s coat during our medical training demonstration. Join our caretakers in getting up close and personal with the seals. Learn about the dangers that this species face on our Belgian coast. During the presentations, you will get tips on how you can help, because nature desperately needs us.
Only accessible during summer season.

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