Group visit

Take a group visit to Boudewijn Seapark and take advantage of discounted pricing!
Visits can be arranged in both the summer and winter seasons.

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Wheelchair accessible

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Accessible places in the dolphinarium

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Parking spots at the park entrance

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A range of catering options, adjusted to fit the customer's needs

Senior groups

Take a group visit to Boudewijn Seapark Bruges. Enjoy the breathtaking performances together! Marvel at the brand new dolphin presentation in the beautifully lit dolphinarium. You can enjoy the beautiful images on the big screen and the dolphins’ spectacular jumps!

Wheelchair users/disabled persons

Boudewijn Seapark is accessible to everyone. The performances are suitable for disabled people and wheelchair users. There are special facilities such as adapted toilets and a lift in the dolphinarium to reach the stands. The lift gives you access to a platform in the stands that is especially suited for wheelchair users. This way they can also enjoy the beautiful dolphin presentation.


Would you like a little extra on your trip? Please make use of our catering options.
Enjoy a delicious meal and then go straight to the dolphin presentation. Or would you rather have something sweet after the presentation? There are plenty of options available.

We will be happy to present you a customised quote!
Group tariff is possible as of 20 people.


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Disabled persons and seniors

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