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Delta park Neeltje Jans is a theme park located on the former working island of Neeltje Jans in the Oosterschelde. Films and exhibitions tell the story of the catastrophic flood of 1953 and the now world-famous Delta Works.

It is also thanks to these water works that the underwater environment and mussel culture were preserved in Zeeland. We’ll show you all about it in our brand new and large sea aquarium, Aquapolis. During interactive feeding shows, we’ll introduce you to the beautiful underwater world of the Oosterschelde. In the mussel exhibition, we’ll surprise you with unexpected facts about these shellfish.

But Neeltje Jans is so much more than that. It’s a wonderful day out for all ages. You’ll experience an informative seal show, discover the giants of the ocean in the whale world, meet sharks and sea lions close up, and enjoy a beautiful view in our restaurant. You can get a breath of fresh air in the hurricane machine, shoot down the water slide in a boat, and hope the kids stay dry at the water playground. Or maybe you need a moment of rest, in which case you’ll find what you’re looking for during a cruise on the Oosterschelde, the largest national park in the Netherlands.

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Deltapark Neeltje Jans

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